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Heels Re-imagined


Alanna Fusaro

April 21, 2022

Hello there.  I'm thrilled to finally be introducing myself - I'm Alanna the founder and CEO of VICE VERSA. After thinking, developing, and working on this brand for over three and a half years it's hard for me to articulate the grand vision I've been dreaming of - but here goes nothing.

It all started as an idea … high heel shoes that fold the flats. I don't quite remember the moment I thought of it because it was over 10 years ago however I do vividly remember Googling for a product like this and being shocked when I couldn't find anything. I thought it was so obvious, it had to exist! I wasn't quite at the point of my life where I could dig in so it was something that stayed in the back of my mind. It only came out in conversations about career dreams for the future.

A pivotal point was when I was living in New York City running around in heels on the cobblestones of Meatpacking District and as you can imagine - my feet were killing me. I frequently found myself staring at my shoes in the closet as I was getting ready to go out for a special occasion and envisioning foldable heels in my hands instead of my pain inducing torture devices. Still years after I had the idea nothing still was on the market .

So I set out to fix that. I left my job as a full-time designer to pursue this vision. How hard could it be I thought, when in reality I was really in for a treat.  Inventing VICE VERSAs was a journey of tiny triumphs, tears, many prototypes and many many tiny screws -- but I'll save the full invention story for another time .

Fast forward three and a half years and here we are. Sometimes it feels a little bit unreal after many sleepless nights trying to picture how a heel could possibly fold into a shoe. What was driving me through all of the hard times building VICE VERSA was the vision of what it could mean for many people. While foldable heels are at the core of what we do, VICE VERSA as a brand is much bigger than that. VICE VERSA is about the moments you're in the heels, not just the heels themself.

Which is why we're here. The VICE VERSA Pairs blog is here to tell stories about the people, their special moments and of course the heels they're wearing.  I'm so excited to take you on this journey with us and cannot wait to show you what's in store.