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Why You Need Convertible Heels for Festival Season


Carly Kazempoor

May 25, 2022

Goodbye flower crowns, hello casual fits. If there’s anything we learned from Coachella 2022, besides that Harry Styles and Lizzo are the best duo ever, it’s that music festival fashion has turned a major corner. It was the first gathering in the California desert in nearly three years, after all, and people proved that you can be both comfortable and chic for ‘Chella. Sydney Sweeney wore a simple lacey white top and shorts, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber wore crop tops and trousers instead of sparkly tunics, and then there’s Billie Eilish. You know, the queen of casual who took the main stage in an effortlessly cool skater ensemble. None of them were wearing convertible heels quite yet, but we truly hope that changes during the rest of the festival season! Coachella 2022 may be over, but there are still plenty of music festivals throughout the rest of the year to make a statement with your outfit. And we’re here to tell you why VICE VERSA’s convertible heels are the most fabulous addition to your music festival fashion.

When you think about the upcoming music festivals of 2022, they have a lot in common with VICE VERSA convertible heels. Both deliver good times and gorgeous looks, help you bond with your best friends, and let you pull together stylish fits that blend comfort with celebrity-worthy style. The flats keep your feet happy as you watch your favorite bands by day, while the press of a button gives you gorgeous heels that are perfect for the afterparties. Here’s everything you need to know about wearing VICE VERSA convertible heels to your favorite music festivals….

Why convertible heels are festival favorites

Wear for both daytime fun and afterparties

Casual reminder for music festival attendees… the performances are only a part of the experience. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll be dying to see Metallica, Luke Combs, and Pitbull at Bottlerock in Napa, CA, in spring 2022, but there’s also so much more to explore. For instance, this Northern California festival features delicious wine tasting, a silent disco, a full-fledged spa, and art exhibits between sets, and you’ll want to be cute and comfortable for all the photo ops. Enter our VICE VERSA convertible heels, which can be worn as flats during the day to deliver both style and soothing vibes, and flipped into heels as the sun sets to give your wine tasting or date night at the Greta Van Fleet stage a bit of sexiness. 

And then there are the afterparties, which are definitely not only made for Coachella. As the music festival comes to a close, you can hit up all the clubs, bars, or late-night diners as you bond over the experience with your best friends. You loved the safety of your flats as you danced under the stars during Kygo’s set at Bottlerock, but now you can let your heels down in the bar or club post-concert. Pretty cool, right? Try on these convertible heels for a festival experience that goes from cool and casual to sexy and sleek with the press of a button.

You can make a statement

If there’s one word to describe music festival fashion… it’s fearless. Every Coachella trend has derived from one or two brave people who decided to don it first, from crochet tops and neon everything to the flower crowns that were symbolic of the 2010s festival season. Just take a look at Vanessa Hudgens, who’s been called the “Queen of Coachella” on more than one occasion due to her bohemian looks that became a ‘Chella staple. And then there’s 2022 headliner Harry Styles, whose 70s-esque prismatic bodysuit was bright enough to be seen from the back of the crowd. We’re confident that Harry would love the vibrant colors and innovative blueprint of VICE VERSA convertible heels. 

Now it’s your turn to strut around this year’s music festivals and let people follow in your footsteps, literally. Our convertible heels are a one-of-a-kind shoe that has everything it takes to become the next big thing at Chicago’s Lollapalooza in summer 2022. Or Governor’s Ball in New York City, or Bourbon & Beyond in Louisville, KY… you get the gist. They’re adorable, accessible, easy to fit in your bag, and able to support you in every setting! 

They’re versatile and reusable

Music festivals can be a pricey experience, including tickets, flights, hotels, and experiences with friends. The last thing you’d want to do is spend a fortune on shoes that match your mesh bodysuit, only to wear them once before tossing to the back of your closet. Trust us, that won’t be the case with a pair of convertible heels from VICE VERSA. 

While our Shimmer Heel is mystical and made for stargazing in the Southern California desert, it’s also ready for you to wear over and over again post-Coachella. Hint hint, they’re some of the best comfortable heels for weddings while also being fancy heels for any occasion… like prom, perhaps? And then there’s the Everyday Heel in Black, which provides the classic vibe you need for next year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. In the meantime, they can be worn for work meetings, friend meetups, and so much more. You deserve a set of shoes that fits you in every setting, from making sure your heels don’t get stuck in the grass at music festivals (flip them to flats!) to serving as your sidekick for any occasion (think wedding season) in the months going forward. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with VICE VERSA’s convertible heels, the most versatile music festival fashion statement.

You can match with friends

Real queens fix each other’s crowns. And yes, we are talking about the forever iconic flower crowns at your favorite music festivals. This bohemian style is now taking a backseat to more casual chic, but you can replace the matching floral arrangements with an even better accessory for your girl squad: a pair of VICE VERSA heels. Your friend group is going to be taking a lot of photos during festival season, and we can’t wait wait to see you kick up your matching heels at a country show. 

Think about it… all your best friends at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this June with Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, and Keith Urban. Good times and great food are guaranteed, but you can also bond over your matching fits that are a little country, and a little rock and roll. Convince your friends to replace the country-esque boots with a pair of VICE VERSA convertible heels that perfectly complement their denim shorts and cowboy hats. It will make for the hottest matching fit and even better memories.

VICE VERSA’S convertible heels for music festivals

Everyday Heels in Black, $220

As any fashionista knows, you can’t go wrong with a pair of fancy heels in black. Especially when they’re convertible heels that fit the vibe of all types of music festivals, like our Everyday Heel! Even if you purchased them a while back for wedding season, they’re perfectly fine to take a little detour to the desert this fall for the Desert Daze festival in Joshua Tree, CA. You can utilize the flats to run between music sets, and let your heels down at night for a trip to hipster hotspots like Joshua Tree Saloon and the Instagram-favorite crochet museum. 

Are you more in the mood to relive your youth with some alt-rock icons? When We Were Young Festival is happening in fall 2022 in Las Vegas, NV, featuring emo favorites like Paramore, My Chemical Romance, AFI, The Used, and many more. You can pair the Everyday Heels in Black with your Bring Me the Horizon T-shirt from high school for a nostalgic fit that’s equal parts “everyday fashionista” and “retired emo kid.” And while the flats will be your best friend as you enter the mosh pits by day, you’ll definitely need your heels to party on the Las Vegas strip in the evenings. 

Shimmer Heel, $255

Here’s the thing about Shimmer Heel… it adds instant magic to any fit. The misty purple hue is supernatural and stunning, only amplified by the glitter brooch that takes center stage, while the convertible heel treats your soles with kindness in any location. This includes outdoor music festivals like Firefly in Dover, DE. This show definitely passes the vibe check for the most mystical set of VICE VERSA heels, taking place in a gorgeous and firefly-packed forest straight out of a fairytale. You can wear your flats as you dance along to Halsey, Green Day, Dua Lipa, and Weezer among many others, while also hanging out at the silent disco, Pride parade, and Bazaar central market. It’s a very cool experience. After you leave the forest, your heels will be your friend for the afterparties in downtown Dover.

Shimmer Heels are as sparkly as the fireflies, moon, and stars that you’ll be surrounded by at this magical music festival. And we can’t wait to see you add flair to your Firefly outfit with these convertible heels. 

Scrunchie Mule - Fuchsia and Violet Purple, $230

If there was ever a reason for a girl’s trip down South, it’s for Austin City Limits. The Texas music festival has been attracting fans of all genres for many years, and it’s pulling out all the stops for its 20-year anniversary in 2022. What better way to celebrate than with matching convertible heels and good times with your girl squad? The show will feature performances from Paramore, Lil Nas X, Kasey Musgraves, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more, and you can flip between flats and heels as you enjoy shows over the Austin skyline followed by fabulous bar crawls.

Available in both Fuschia and Violet Purple, these Barbie-inspired heels feature a pointed open toe and playful scrunchie strap for girly and glamorous vibes. It definitely fits the setting as you dance along to the best Top 40 hits, while you can take this opportunity to color-coordinate and match outfits with your best friends. Forget selfies, you need the shoes in all your group shots. 

As for post-festival shenanigans? Don’t worry, they’ll be plentiful. If it seems like everybody you know is moving to Austin, TX, that’s because they are. The city is known for its excellent cuisine, nightlife, and relaxed times on the lake, and you can be a part of it all with our Scrunchie Mule convertible heels. Wear the flats at the festival to avoid heels getting stuck in the grass while flipping them down, later on, to hit up all the Austin hotspots.