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Heels for Outdoor Weddings Every Bride & Guest Needs


Carly Kazempoor

May 15, 2022

There’s a lot to love about outdoor weddings — like the sea breeze on your skin, majestic views of mountains, or luminous lanterns in your backyard for the most intimate of outdoor weddings. But like most beautiful things, they can also get a bit complicated. You need the best heels for outdoor weddings that match the setting, along with your personal style. You may love a super-strappy stiletto for a night out, but it gets a bit tricky at beach ceremonies when grains of sand find their way into your shoes. If you’re looking for the best heels for outdoor weddings in a place that rains often, maybe you should show less skin and opt for pumps instead. And then there’s the dreaded cobblestones, which also happen to be the inspiration for VICE VERSA’s convertible heels. 

The rules of finding comfortable heels for outdoor weddings are a lot like real estate… location, location, location. And VICE VERSA is here to help you find your dream pair to match your beautiful dress and backdrop. Here are our favorites!


Discoplatform Sandal by Stuart Weitzman, $495

Platform heels take you to a new level of style and confidence, and what more could a bride ask for on her big day? The Discoplatform Sandal tops the list of the best heels for outdoor weddings for a variety of reasons. There’s the fact that it’s made by Stuart Weitzman, the ultimate shoemaker to the stars who took a break from styling Beyoncé and Gigi Hadid to create a bridal collection. There’s also the impeccable curves and contours of this shoe that stun from ankle strap down to the square toe, providing ample amounts of both style and support. They’re certainly sexy, but you definitely won’t have to worry about slipping out of your heels during the walk down the aisle or first dance. 

And then there’s the stiletto, which is one of the most important aspects of choosing the best heels for outdoor weddings. Especially bridal heels for outdoor weddings. You want a heel that won’t sink into the grass or sand at your backyard or beach ceremony, respectively. And the 130 mm block heel on the Disco Platform is the perfect width for wedding attire. Stuart Weitzman knows all about dressing people up for special occasions, as he’s styled for the Oscars, Coachella, Paris Fashion Week and beyond. That’s how you know you’re in good hands (or shall we say, feet?) when choosing him to create your bridal heels. 

Bonbonniere by SJP, $425

What do our fearless VICE VERSA founder Alanna Fusaro and Sarah Jessica Parker have in common? Besides being whip-smart and stylish career women, they both spent years running around New York City in heels that weren’t always comfortable. This led to both creating their own footwear brands for people to feel confident and comfortable in a pair of super-hot high heels. While many of SJP’s options are made for cityslickers, she did manage to release an incredible collection of bridal heels for outdoor weddings. Just take a look at Bonbonniere, with a fancy French name and decadent design that puts a sparkling spin on the classic bridal heels for outdoor weddings.

These pumps aren’t the tried-and-true white hue that you’re used to seeing in bridal footwear, they’re even better. The official color, “Basuka Tweed,” combines white, taupe, and grey for a sensational shoe that’s just as beautiful as your wedding dress, especially when the diamond and pearl accents change colors in the sun. Ah, the beauty of finding the best heels for outdoor weddings. Despite the heel only being a bit under 3 inches, ensuring more mobility, Bonbonniere takes your wedding day confidence and style to new heights. Embrace your inner Carrie with these bridal heels from the Sex and the City maven!

VICE VERSA Shimmer Heels in Mist Purple

Shimmer Heel by VICE VERSA, $255

Our Shimmer Heels may not be the white hue you imagined when planning your beach wedding as a kid, but here’s the thing… they’re even better. The mist purple adds magical flair to your wedding dress, while you can even match your veil to your new favorite shoes for a supernatural spectrum of color. VICE VERSA is your fairy godmother for footwear, after all, and our wedding gift to you is comfort, control, and the most captivating pair of bridal heels.  We haven’t even mentioned the best part…these convertible heels turn into flats in seconds!

Think about it. How many weddings have you attended where the bride and guests end up hitting the dance floor barefoot after taking off their heels due to pain? Or where the stiletto heels get stuck in the sand or grass at outdoor weddings? Both of these issues are nonexistent with Shimmer Heel. You can enjoy the best heels for outdoor weddings before flipping to flats in seconds — spending the night dancing, throwing bouquets, and running towards your new life without foot pain. You know, the way it should be on your wedding day! 

Unlike a lot of other bridal shoes, the Shimmer Heels won’t be a one-time purchase. They’re affordable, versatile, and can be worn long after your wedding day. Maybe even while dancing on your honeymoon!

Embellished Block Heel Sandals Pearl Wedding Shoes by Bella Belle, $385

Here comes the bride… and she’s decked out in the most gorgeous, floral-accented heels for a garden party. These 3-inch ivory heels are embellished with teardrop pearls and beautiful beads to produce a flawless floral design on each shoe, serving as a metaphorical bloom into your new life with your partner. Whether you’re having a garden wedding or just can’t get enough florals, we guarantee that you’ll love these gorgeous shoes by Bella Belle. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also mega-comfortable, with an ankle strap for secure fitting and embellished block heel that lets you move more freely! 

In fact, the product description by Bella Belle says it all. They describe these bridal heels as “the perfect embellished heel sandals for summer brides who are getting married outdoors - you can now walk on grass without sinking!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Patent Leather Sling-Back Pumps by Prada, $990 

Are these designer heels a bit pricey? Sure. But you won’t regret purchasing the Prada essentials for outdoor wedding season and beyond. Everything about their appearance is effortlessly chic, from the glossy black hue to the accented Prada logo that takes center stage and is destined to catch a few glances at the garden wedding. But equally as important as style is support, and you can have your designer heels and wear them too with this sturdy and stunning fit.

The closed toes and slingback aspect of these Prada accessories provide plenty of structure for your soles on the dance floor. No slipping out of your shoes or getting your toes stepped on! And then there’s the chunky block heel that never gets stuck in the sand or grass, giving your feet the love they deserve. There’s plenty to appreciate about these designer heels made by one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, which will carry you through the wedding season for years to come!

VICE VERSA Scrunchie Mule in Fuchsia

Scrunchie Mule - Fuchsia and Violet Purple by VICE VERSA, $230

Yes, the ceremony is about the bride and groom. However, finding the best heels for wedding guests is also of the utmost importance for outdoor weddings. You’ll be standing as you take family photos, mingle at the open bar, or wait for the bouquet to be thrown. And sadly, you won’t always find a perfectly balanced walkway along the grass, sand, dirt. The couple may be “head over heels'” for each over at the wedding, but it’s not a phrase you want to take literally by falling in the wrong heels for outdoor weddings. Ugh. That’s why you need a pair of convertible heels. 

Namely, our Scrunchie Mule pair that’s girly and glamorous. They were designed as a closet staple that you can dress either up or down, and you’ll level up for a luxurious outdoor wedding in both Fuchsia and Violet Purple. Pointed open toe, playful scrunchie strap, a heels-to-flats function, and a perfect reason to match shoes with your friends during wedding season? Don’t mind if we do. 

VICE VERSA Everyday Heel in Black

Everyday Heel in Black by VICE VERSA, $220

Classic but never basic, you’ll be obsessed with our Everyday Heels. For date nights, work meetings, ladies brunch… the list goes on! But for now, let’s talk about how they’re essential for outdoor weddings. The Everyday Heel matches practically anything in your closet, with a versatile color and design that never goes out of style. Whether you’re feeling a little black dress, sparkly blue ensemble, emerald green or anything in between, these black heels will always have your back. Just ask the slingback strap.

Complete with pointed toes and the heels-to-flats function you love from VICE VERSA, Everyday Heels are a great buy for the girl on the go. They don’t just get you through the wedding season with style and structure, but follow you through everyday life (hence the name) to support your soles in the way you deserve.