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heels that fold to flats in seconds

Our heels seamlessly fold to flats by first releasing the sole cover, then pushing a button on the inside of the shoe. Next, guide the heel in and cover it. Step down and voila! It's a flat.

step by step instructions to convert your heels

Open cover to reveal heel mechanisms
Step 1 Open Cover
Push button on the inside of the shoe
Step 2 Push Button
Fold heel into the shoe sole
Step 3 Fold Heel
Close cover piece with the heel inside
Step 4 Close Cover
Open cover at the sole of the shoe
Step 1 Open Cover
Pull the heel out of the shoe
Step 2 Pull Heel
Move cover piece up the heel and attach to the sole
Step 3 Close Cover

in the lab

To invent the VICE VERSA signature heel folding technology it took 3+ years and countless prototypes to get the perfect high heel shoe, one that we would wear ourselves. At VICE VERSA we approach all research and development with same lens and we are not afraid to take the time and care necessary to create a great product that can last generations.
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