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The Best Comfortable Heels for Weddings - Style, Comfort


Carly Kazempoor

April 21, 2022

Wedding season is quickly approaching, and we know that you’re excited to unveil your reception attire. From the best jewelry that draws attention to your plunging neckline to matching hair berets against bridal bouquets, what’s not to love about saying yes to the dress - wedding guest style? But there’s another accessory that’s just as crucial (if not more) than your fit, and it’s comfortable heels for weddings. These shoes don’t just tie together your entire ensemble; they also carry you through all the activities of the night. You deserve to dance the night away and give toasts to your college bestie-turned-bride without your feet aching before dinner. And that’s where VICE VERSA comes in. 


It’s tradition for the bride to get anything she needs with a snap of her fingers, right? The wedding guests deserve to be pampered, too, and you can get stylish and soothed feet in seconds with a snap of your convertible heels. We offer the best heels for weddings that fold from flawless stilettos to casual flats with the press of a button, helping you blend modern style with major comfort. And the best part? They’re not just special occasion shoes, but about to become the new go-to's that follow you from the wedding to work. And bars. And brunch dates. Here’s the guide to the best heels for weddings that VICE VERSA has to offer….


The Most Comfortable Heels for Weddings: What to Consider


More length, more leeway


Want to know a secret? The best heels for weddings don’t have to match your dress perfectly. These shoes can contrast your attire in a way that puts just enough attention on you without overshadowing the bride… and the longer your dress is, the more leeway you have with your heels. You can utilize a less common color, like the misty purple from our Shimmer Heel, and give fellow guests a magical glimpse between dances. You also shouldn’t put pressure on yourself to go super-high with your convertible heels, as it’s your long and luxurious dress that will be taking center stage. Don’t get us wrong, your shoes will undoubtedly catch attention and pull together your wedding style as your most important accessory. However, they also take a step back (pun intended) and let your long dress and luxurious wedding makeup have the spotlight. 


Location, location, location

Casual reminder: VICE VERSA was a product of our fearless leader, Alanna Fusaro, realizing that she couldn’t run along the cobblestone streets of New York City in heels. And you definitely shouldn’t have to do it as a wedding guest. Like buying a house, choosing the most comfortable heels for weddings is all about location. 

For instance, those attending garden and beach weddings should avoid stilettos or other ultra-high heels. These tend to get stuck in the sand or dirt, respectively, and you’d be better off with flats, wedges, or block heels instead. A semi-formal ballroom or church wedding? You can’t go wrong with a classic mid-length heel, which supports you through everything from bridesmaid speeches to catching the bouquet at the end of the night. We’re especially fond of our Everyday Heel set in Midnight Black, which was made for a black-tie or cocktail wedding and provides the ideal mix of sophisticated and sexy. 


Suit your style


Your style is entirely your own, and you should never give it up for a second. Even when choosing the most comfortable heels for weddings. Resist the urge to grab the highest heels you can find when you’re normally a sneakers girl, trust us. We know what you may be thinking. “Beauty is pain!” or “I wear high heels occasionally for nights out and work meetings, I’ll be just fine.” But we’re here to tell you that it’s just not worth the risk, babe. You deserve to dance the night away in a pain-free and personable way, and it’s never been a better time to shop the most comfortable heels for weddings. This also goes for the glamazons who were thinking about choosing flats for convenience when they’ve been dreaming of tall heels. You never need to sacrifice your personal style at your best friend’s wedding with shoes from VICE VERSA.


Break them in 


Whether you have one, five, or ten summer 2022 weddings to attend, you should always break in your convertible heels before the first one arrives. The last thing you need is blister-filled feet before the reception, which is why you should start practicing with your heels for at least a couple weeks before wedding season begins. We’re definitely not telling you to stroll a mile to Starbucks in them, but it’s never too early to start rehearsing! You’ll feel instantly better and more comfortable once you’ve broken in your most comfortable heels for weddings, especially knowing that your VICE VERSA favorites will transform into flats whenever you need them.


Consider two pairs of shoes


You may have been to a wedding or two in which the bride does a dress change for the reception, creating a more casual and dance-friendly environment. Who says that wedding guests can’t do the same with their shoes? If your heart is set on going with sky-high and/or designer heels during the ceremony, be sure to have a backup that lets you avoid blisters. Like our VICE VERSA foldable heels, perhaps? You can have your (wedding) cake and eat it too with the double shoe compromise, and it helps that you’ll have a pair of foldable heels that provide incredible memories and major convenience for all your future events. 


Styles: The Most Comfortable Heels for Weddings


VICE VERSA's Shimmer Heel in mist purple

Shimmer Heel


Magic is our mantra at VICE VERSA, from the flippable heel that leads to healthier soles to the illuminating color of our Shimmer Heel that brings wonder to any wedding guest look. It’s definitely one of the dreamiest sets of our folding heels, with a mist purple hue and floating broach that sparkles like the night sky at the biggest outdoor weddings. The look is supernatural yet subtle, with the lavender hue matching all types of dresses, while the shimmer sling back creates some of the best heels for weddings. These iridescent shoes are made for the guest who likes to enjoy the mystical things in life, whether she brought tarot cards to the wedding or just likes to show off her captivating and convertible heels from VICE VERSA. 

VICE VERSAs Everyday Heel in Black


Everyday Heel - Black


When considering the best heels for weddings, you must plan for your post-ceremony self. Will she throw them in the closet and keep them as a cherished memory from her best friend’s wedding? Or will she fall in love with her sleek and stylish shoes and plan to wear them to work meetings, girl’s days, date nights and beyond for the foreseeable future? Yes, it’s the second one for us too. In this case, the Everyday Heel in Black tops the list for the best heels for weddings, along with every day afterwards.


The Everyday Heel was made for your little black dress moment, with pointed toes and a smooth strap that drapes your feet in chic. Every fashionista needs to have a neutral set of black shoes in her closet, and it only gets better when you’re able to go from heels to flats in seconds. You can make a grand entrance to the wedding in your stilettos, and gain a few inches as the photographer snaps shots, before embracing your flats on the dance floor. And the same situation goes for your nights out at the bar post-wedding season!

VICE VERSAs Scunchie Mule in violet purple


Scrunchie Mule

Are you heading to the bachelorette party, or pre-wedding brunch with your squad? These Barbie-esque convertible heels are your friends, helping you feel girly and glamorous for all the wedding festivities. They were designed as a closet staple that you can dress either up or down, with fun features like a pointed open toe and soft scrunchie strap that make it super playful. It’s equal parts “I’m wearing these all through wedding season” and “These belong at the bar on girls' night for the rest of my life,” and who can say no to such a sweet and versatile shoe? Every wedding guest needs Scrunchie Mule convertible heels for the bachelorette, dress fitting, engagement party, and all the other events that let you gather around your girlfriends.

VICE VERSAs Everyday Heel in scarlet red


Everyday Heel - Red

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re a Carrie or a Samantha, the answer is that you’re both. You already have the style and confidence of these Sex and the City mavens, now you just need the best heels for weddings to show it. That’s where our Everyday Heel in Red comes in. Red is a color that inspires energy and confidence, while you’re guaranteed to turn heads with this vibrant hue. Wear it alongside a red, fuchsia, or black dress (just not white!) to become a gorgeous wedding guest unlike any other. 

VICE VERSAs Disco Slingback in Midnight


Disco Slingback


Trendy meets traditional with our Disco Slingback - featuring PVC detail, heel support, and a rose gold crystal brooch to create a shoe made for wedding guests. The black hue makes this set a versatile accessory for any style, while the foldable heels are especially helpful for the bridal party. Running errands for the bride with your flats that appear at the push of a button? Yes, please. Purchase a Disco Slingback set for wedding season, and prepare to wear them on both casual and special occasions for the rest of your days.

Now, you have some good ideas and hopefully a little less anxiety about finding the perfect set of comfortable wedding heels just for you as wedding season approaches, shop our collection of comfortable, convertible heels today.