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Fancy Heels for Any Occasion


Carly Kazempoor

April 21, 2022

“Fancy” is a state of mind, and you can easily reach this level through confidence and self-care regardless of what you wear. That being said, a pair of sparkling earrings and sky-high fancy heels never hurt anybody. These shoes can pull together any fit, and hold as many memories as they do rhinestones and sexy straps. 

We’ve already told you about expensive fancy heels for ladies and fancy heels for weddings, but there’s still so much more to explore. Like, prom, perhaps? Or a date night that’s filled with possibilities about the most fancy heels for ladies and beyond? These accessories are designed to make you feel stylish and confident for all your special occasions, and you deserve to find the best fit for your collection of fancy heels. 

Here are the best recommendations from VICE VERSA!


NEARLYNUDE Mid-Heel Sandals by Stuart Weitzman

Often known as the man of million-dollar fancy heels, Stuart Weitzman can do no wrong when it comes to wedding attire. In fact, he has an entire bridal collection to dress both the bride and her besties on the big day. Of course, there are a couple of things to consider for a guest. The best fancy heels for weddings absolutely cannot be white, while you also want to pick a comfortable pair due to all the dancing, speech-giving, and bouquet-grabbing you’ll be doing. The best solution? NEARLYNUDE Mid-Heel Sandal.

These fancy heels for weddings are made for easy movement and exquisite matching to your dress. The flawless flesh color compliments any look without taking attention away from the bride, while the thicker heel will never get stuck in the grass or sand, unlike stilettos. While we’re particularly fond of the neutral flesh shade, you can also order these Stuart Weitzman sandals in all types of colors and materials. “Nocturn” delivers sparkling charcoal reminiscent of the night sky, “Suede” a vision of onyx luxury for your little black dress, and “Glitter” a shimmering pink-purple pop that looks eerily similar to our Shimmer Heel. Love that for you. Splurge on these fancy heels for weddings by Stuart Weitzman to get the A-list treatment!

VICE VERSA Disco Slingback

Disco Slingback

Wedding guests can’t go wrong with a classic pair of black heels. They match any dress and create a timeless elegance that’s equal parts traditional and trendy. Especially when they feature PVC detail and a ravishing rose gold brooch like our Disco Slingback set. If the “disco” in the name didn’t give it away, these foldable heels are essential for dancing the night away and mingling with dear friends during wedding season. Simply save the heels for family photos and sipping drinks at the bar with your besties, while making flats look all kinds of cool during both fast and slow songs. While our Disco Slingback set makes some of the best fancy heels for weddings, you can also save them and wear them later for work meetings or dinner dates. They’re just that innovative and versatile!

Date Night

VICE VERSAs Everyday Heels

Everyday Heel - Scarlet Red 

Every day is Valentine’s Day with these scarlet red heels, which you can dress up or down depending on your mood. And in the case of date night, you’re probably feeling a lot of things. Red is the color of love, passion, desire, and most importantly confidence… and you’ll inhibit all these qualities from the moment you slip on our Everyday Heel. The closed point toe leaves a bit to the imagination for your bae, while the stretchy back and foldable heel provide a sexy and simplistic look for any type of date. Dinner and a movie? Let your fancy heels down during the meal and fold them back up before you get to the theater. The same goes for things like mini golf, karaoke nights, park picnics and more. The only exception is a chill night in, where you have our full permission to match with your red leggings or pajamas and wear these fancy heels as flats the entire night

Brushed Leather Slingback Pumps by Prada

We love a lady in red, but we get that your little black dress also needs a friend. That’s why these fancy heels from Prada are perfect for your more upscale date nights. Sleek, feminine, and mega-modern, they feature a slingback strap that supports your soles as people compliment your gorgeous Prada shoes. And they’ll definitely know that you’re wearing the iconic designer, as the Prada logo sits comfortably along these fancy heels just above the pointed toes. Listen, there’s so many striking features that make up the silhouette of these fancy heels, that we’re not even sure where to look first! They fit with any outfit, from an all-black pantsuit for a more conservative look to a sophisticated black dress that balances between glam and goth. Your date won’t be able to take his eyes off you or your shoes with these Prada favorites, and isn’t that the goal?


VICE VERSAs Shimmer Heel

Shimmer Heel

Prom is a precious moment that you wait for your entire high school career, and possibly even longer. Therefore, you need a pair of fancy heels for prom that can keep up with your dance moves, photo moments, and adorable eye flutters between you and your date. That’s where our Shimmer Heel comes into the picture. It’s adorned with an illuminating lavender hue that matches all types of dreamy dresses, while the floating glitter brooch adds a extra sparkle to your ensemble. Unlike a wedding or awards ceremony, a prom outfit is practically guaranteed to be glistening and gorgeous, and it’s a great chance to incorporate the magic of our Shimmer Heel. Aside from its ethereal appearance that could easily fit into Euphoria High School, it also gives your feet a break on one of your biggest nights. You can kick up your heels for your prom pictures and pre-dinner, while folding them down to flats to keep comfortable during the dances! Our advice to you? Tell your entire squad about Shimmer Heel and take an adorable picture in your matching, magical, and mega-comfortable fancy heels for prom. These shoes will help make it a night you’ll never forget!

Women's Mid-Heel Slingback with Horsebit by Gucci

“We Gucci” takes on a new meaning with this pair of fancy heels for prom. Designed by the iconic fashion brand, Women’s Mid-Heel Slingback is made with top-quality pink leather and gold-colored vintage accents. Essentially, it’s a new type of “rose gold” that’s destined to pull together your most ravishing prom attire. The square toe sets it apart from other types of fancy heels for prom, while the blocked heel is comfortable enough to help you dance until the sun comes up. It may not have a foldable heel like our VICE VERSA favorites, but you’ll be surprised at just how much heel support you get from Gucci! Speaking of which, you’re basically stepping into the shoes of every supermodel and actress who can’t get enough of this legendary brand… and that alone is enough to splurge on fancy heels for prom.

Girl’s Night Out

VICE VERSAs Scrunchie Mule

Scrunchie Mule - Fuschia and Violet Purple

Need fancy heels for ladies night that are super-feminine and just the right amount of flashy? Look no further than Scrunchie Mule. Everything about them provides head-to-toe girly glam - from the pointed open toe and playful scrunchie strap to the vibrant colors that were made for you and your crew. And it’s not just the Barbie-esque vibe that makes Scrunchie Mule the best fancy heels for ladies night. The foldable heels will help you get through the evening with comfort and control - whether you’re dancing at a bar, walking around downtown, or standing at a concert. The heels help to complete your outfit each evening while folding to flats in the morning for your walk home, because real friends don’t let each other wear uncomfortable shoes, right? Speaking of which, you can turn these fancy heels for ladies night into the best flats for brunch just as easily. Fold up your heels and head out for mimosas with your Scrunchie Mules… you deserve it!

Pump Shoe by Salvatore Ferragamo

“​​This is the shoe that every woman dreams of wearing, from the office straight to cocktail hour.” This is an actual quote from the description of Pump Shoe by Salvatore Ferragamo, and it’s not an exaggeration. Modeled after a shoe that Ferragamo once made for Marilyn Monroe, this perfect pump combines sexiness and simplicity for the best fancy heels for ladies' night. The Italian suede slips effortlessly onto any foot for an easy fit, while it’s available in colors like hot pink, canary yellow, lipstick red, and pure black to get you runway-ready for the girls. Are they a bit pricey? Yes. But these fancy heels by Salvatore Ferragamo will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of Fashion Week in Milan. You can wear them to not only brunch or the bar with your best friends, but also to any other special occasion… making the Pump Shoe one of the most versatile sets of fancy heels on this list. 

Want your own pair of fancy heels for any occasion? Look no further. You can easily shop our collection of convertible fancy heels for a vibe that’s entirely your own.