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5 reasons why VICE VERSAs will

be the last heels you will ever own.

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5 reasons why VICE VERSAs

will be The Last Heels You

will Ever Own

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Ultra comfortable as heels for all day wear.

With a mix of cushioning placement and weight balancing, VICE VERSAs are unbelievably soft and comfortable.


Folds to flats in seconds.

The folding process was meticulously designed to be simple. Perfect for converting your heels on the go!


Our founder studied footwear under a Gucci shoe designer.

For Alanna - it's all about the craft of shoemaking. To invent VICE VERSAs it took years of research and prototypes. Along the way she refused to sacrifice fashion for function.


Yes, they are comfortable as flats too!

We understand that the arch support necessary for a heel and a flat is different. Our proprietary sole can transform and flatten when used as a flat shoe.


Made from some of the strongest stuff on earth.

Our heavily researched and engineered heel is designed to strongly lock in place and never wiggle.

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